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Studio de Sade Dominastudio BDSM-Studio Klinikstudio

Since April 2018 the Studio de Sade has been a fixture among BDSM lovers, slaves, subs, fetish friends and the inclined dominant men, women and couples.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our studio after this very (very) long “break”.

Ever since our activities on television, we have shown how seriously we take the topic of fetish and BDSM. How important it is to us to remove the taboo on this side of sexuality and to encourage newcomers to give in to their inclinations and to recognize that they are not the only ones who enjoy them.

We have extensively expanded our studio over the past few months with great attention to detail.

Those who already know our studio will be happy that we now have two  have independent areas with equivalent equipment.

Of course we also have some “specialties” ready for you.

Thank you for your loyalty and your interest

Studio de Sade

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