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Dominus Andreas G.

The spectrum of Dominus Andreas G. is extensive. From soft, almost romantic-seeming, quiet dominance over all intermediate layers to torture that experiences limits.

A person who is extremely trustworthy in his absolute steadfastness makes a master. Someone who is there to lead through control, who accepts the boundaries of the slave and yet brings his / her slave to the edge of his / her ability and beyond in order to be able to develop.


It is not about the master taking control, it is about the slave giving control to the master. A real master knows his slaves well enough to always advance them by the right means, but never by asking what a slave can give. A slave only says "no" to his master when he / she is afraid of him, but never because of what the master is doing.

The thought of submitting yourself to a dominant, sadistic but nevertheless friendly and resourceful master does not let you go?

Then let your thoughts and fantasies become reality now!

Due to the many years of experience of Dominus Andreas G. in the BDSM area, both beginners and experienced, women and men get their money's worth.

From sensitive to merciless, everything is available in the repertoire.

Before you know it, you will be led to your limits, desires and longings, and you will become addicted to dominance, toughness and consistency.



Phone number:  +43/664/18 77 660

+43/664/18 77 660

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