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Dominas, Natursekt, KV, Lackdomina, Gummidomina

2021 / 2022

What happened?

We are not grateful for the crisis, in spite of everything it gave us the opportunity to tackle our long-planned restructuring.


A barrier-free wet area is the heart of our new studio.

We are sure that this area will open up many new ways to play. A beautiful fixation chair with 1000 and 1 possibilities, as well as a bondage room give you the freedom to try new things.

For lovers of "electrostimulation" we have acquired extensive therapy equipment and surrendering in a leather sling will be a new experience.

But much has remained the same as it was old and familiar. Almost all of our mistresses have remained loyal to the studio and are very much looking forward to giving you the attention you deserve.

Look forward to breathtaking hours in our studio, immerse yourself in the world of the bizarre, wondrous and sometimes painful. Let yourself be led, kidnapped and seduced.

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